BOT:The Warrant (Review)

As was originally suspected in Breach of Trust, the Warrant, the confidential informant was indeed the burglar who broke into Ryan Frederick’s garage three days before the raid. WTKR has identified the primary confidential informant as “Steven” a petty criminal now believed to be a fugitive from justice. Further, Radley Balko of Reason Magazine has revealed in his blog, The Agitator that there was a second burglar involved, identified as “Reggie” another petty criminal now in custody on other charges. According to Reggie, the pair conducted several burglaries under the direction of the Chesapeake Police, providing information to the police on the homes they burglarized. If this is true, it would constitute a serious evasion of the fourth Amendment, and criminal wrongdoing on the part of one or more police detectives. Of course, we only have Reggie’s word on that, but then Reggie’s word was all the police needed to obtain their warrant for the search. The police have not made any official statement on the matter.


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