Lest we forget

It is now 2 months that Ryan Frederick has been held without bail even though he is a minimal flight risk. This is possible only because he is grossly over charged with first degree murder, a charge which is not supported even by the prosecutors description of the events. With a more reasonable charge, like involuntary manslaughter, he would get bail. It will be another two months before he even has another hearing.

By the time he is tried, even if found innocent due to excusable homicide, the most likely outcome, he will have been imprisoned for a year or more for defending his life, assuming his description of the events is true.

So much for the Eighth Amendment.


3 Responses to Lest we forget

  1. Chad Post says:

    Is their additional information available beyond what has already been released? We’d asked his uncle to make an appearance at the last TLP meeting… I -want- to support him as the TLP, but I need more info to vote that way.

  2. John Wilburn says:

    Thank you, Dr. Tabor, for bringing this back up. Mr. Fredericks’ main hope is continued public support…

  3. Don Tabor says:

    Let’s also remember that it is two months that .223 casing has been in the public record with no explanation of its source.

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