Guns and Government

I am opening threads on firearms policy this week in parallel with the Virginian Pilot’s series on gun control to provide a forum for those with ideas that are more complex than the 750 character comment section there will allow.

There are really two classes of firearms issues, the armed citizen as a check on government power, and guns as an factor in crime and self defense.

Regarding the issue of armed citizens, refer to our Declaration of Independence, which states in the second paragraph that “…in order to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

I will postulate that the notion of government by the consent of the governed is meaningless if the citizens do not retain the means to withdraw that consent.


2 Responses to Guns and Government

  1. John Wilburn says:

    If “withdrawing our consent” means waiting until election day to, “vote the (current collection of) bums out” in order to vote a new collection of bums in, then I would submit that we have already lost our our right to withdraw our consent.
    Whether elected, appointed or hired, ALL agents, minions and lackeys of the government, whatever their position or status, should be subject to IMMEDIATE termination, whenever circumstances warrant – WORLD WITHOUT END, AMEN.
    I spent 20 years as a Data Processing professional. At least 12 of those years were spent working as a consultant to various government agencies – Federal, State and County/City. Based on my direct experience with government bureaucracy and the GROSS CRIMINAL INCOMPETENCE of its workers, I personally would not hire a government employee to empty my trash. He / she would either, 1) sell my trash can and keep the money, or 2) hire a consultant to empty the trash can, and expect me (the taxpayer) to pay them both, for accomplishing 1 job.
    Making government workers subject to the same hiring / firing policies of private industry workers, would go a long way towards eliminating, “dead wood” as well as radically improving their productivity and quality of performance…

  2. John Wilburn says:

    Please allow me to apologize for my previous comment – I managed to be completely off topic.

    As far as firearms are concerned – I’ve never owned one (except BB & pellet type). I was trained in their use, and carried firearms in the military, as a requirement of my duties (ships guard force), but since then, haven’t given them much thought. I do believe that everyone is entitled to defend themself, and that armed and responsible citizens reduce crime, thru deterrence. There was actually very little crime in the “old west” because everyone carried a gun AND knew how to use it.
    As far as protection against the government – the citizens have small arms, the government has smart bombs…

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