Guns and Crime

I am opening threads on firearms policy this week in parallel with the Virginian Pilot’s series on gun control to provide a forum for those with ideas that are more complex than the 750 character comment section there will allow.

There are really two classes of firearms issues, the armed citizen as a check on government power, and guns as an factor in crime and self defense.

Regarding guns and crime, I will state that when bad things happen, even the best police response takes several minutes, while the issue will be decided in seconds. Police will arrive in time to draw the white lines around the bodies and investigate the crime, and perhaps punish the guilty, but that will be of scant comfort to the dead, wounded and their families.

When criminals, madmen or terrorists strike, we live or die based on what those already on the scene are prepared to do to defend themselves and others. Government should create no barriers to law abiding citizens who wish to arm themselves for their defense and that of others.


4 Responses to Guns and Crime

  1. Josh says:

    Since 1995, only 55 Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) holders in VA have been convicted of a gun-related crime. By and large, those who purchase guns legally and carry handguns concealed legally are educated, law-abiding citizens. (Side Note)By the way, the next person I talk to who claims to be a know-it-all on the subject but talks about “Concealed Weapons Permits” in VA is gonna get slapped upside the head. There is no such thing as a Concealed Weapons Permit in Virginia. Saying those words only proves how much someone does NOT know.

  2. Wally Erb says:

    Well, I guess you need to slap Alan E Rosenblatt, Judge, upside the head; His name is the one that appears on my permit titled ” Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon” “(Must be carried with a proper photo ID)”.

  3. Glen Jornov says:

    This whole idea that making it harder for people like myself to buy a gun will reduce crime is absurd. I think that articles like the one in the pilot only fans the flames. We had a lot of pro-gun victories this year and now everyones reading things like. AR-15s just like the one the DC snipers used or AK-47 for sale 350 bucks with 4 magazines. I belong to a board called This woman came to a couple dining outs that we have wanting info for this story and it seemed that this was going to be a fair piece. She told everyone her husband was a gun owner and so forth. But so far what I’ve mostly seen is a lot of the catch words that the antis use.

  4. Seb says:

    Curious as to what these ‘catch words’ are. You have to realise that terms such as “gun show loophole”, “assault weapon” and “Saturday night special” are terms that someone who is generally not very knowledgeable when it comes to gun politics might use as this is what has been fed down their throats.
    As an Australian I must say one would have to be a moron to give up their right to own firearms for self-defense. It seems like every week someone here is jailed or at least charged for assaulting an intruder in their home. Believe me, when the guns go, a lot of your individual autonomy goes with it,

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