What to do Wednesday?

I have a sense that a lot of people are going to feel lost and homeless Wednesday morning when the results of the Virginia Primaries are known. The Democrats will probably still be without a clear winner, but their choices will be limited to a black male socialist or a white female socialist, neither being the true heart of most Virginia Democrats.

Unless Gov. Huckabee pulls off a multi state miracle, the Republican race may well be decided. More likely, the GOP establishment will be lining up behind a candidate who sees the Constitution as merely an obstacle to overcome in imposing his view of government on the country.

So, perhaps Wednesday will be the day to find a home in the Libertarian Party here in Tidewater

The Tidewater Libertarian Party has much to offer to all of those groups disaffected  by the choices left to them by the major parties.

Most Virginia Democrats are not socialists. The Libertarian Party combines Democrats’ distrust of power with sound economic principles. We know that power given to government with good intentions is too often used by the powerful, particularly corporate interests with political influence, to use government for their ends and against the people. We believe that the only defense against the misuse of government power is to retain power in the hands of the people themselves.

Ron Paul may still use the race as a pulpit to spread his libertarian ideas, but he is already out of the race and has reiterated his promise that there will be no third party run in his future.  Dr. Paul has introduced libertarian ideals to a new generation but when his race is run, those ideals will go on, and we Libertarians have been the repository of those principles since long before Dr. Paul took on his campaign and we will carry them into the future. We hope that the passion for Liberty he has raised will live on here in Tidewater in our local Libertarian Party.

I cannot imagine a group more disillusioned and disappointed than truly conservative Reagan Republicans with the way this race has gone. But look back at the speeches and writings Reagan gave us, and compare that with what Republicans of today are saying, and I think you will see that were he still with us, Reagan would find his home in the Libertarian Party. We Libertarians offer you a home where those principles live on.

Finally, if Gov. Huckabee fails to pull off his miracle, remember that the Tidewater Libertarian Party has been working to pass the FairTax for over a decade and will continue to be an important part of that effort until IRS is nothing more than a bad example in history books.

Evangelicals often look on Libertarians with distrust because we oppose the imposition of values based laws, yet most Libertarians live very sober and moral lives themselves. Further, we believe that limiting the power of government is the best way to preserve our values. We believe that the teaching of values belongs in the home, and the church and in the organizations with which we freely choose to associate. When we make the error of bringing government into the teaching and imposition of values, we give it the power to destroy those very values. Right now, the majority in Tidewater would choose to encourage traditional, Christian values, but those values are not held by the majority in all places or even here at all times. Once government is given a role in teaching and enforcing values, it will not give that power back when the political pendulum becomes unfavorable. You cannot give the Tidewater Virginia schools the power to teach our values without simultaneously giving the schools in Berkley or Greenwich Village the power to teach the values of the majorities there. Is having the assistance of government in supporting our values here worth what those children in those localities would likely be  subjected to by those majorities? Can you be sure that thirty years from now, the majority here will have the same values you have now, and that you will want your grandchildren taught those values?  So, perhaps you will find that you are more Libertarian than you might have thought.

I invite all those who find their parties have gone down a road that they find uncomfortable to visit with us in the Tidewater Libertarian Party, here and at our meetings, and ask questions of Libertarians and see if, when you consider the greater power of government to do harm than good, if your real home is not with us.

One Response to What to do Wednesday?

  1. Reid Greenmun says:

    As I see it, the next President will be a Democrat – by arranging for John McCain, the GOP backroom deal makers have assured a disheartened GOP base – and in a nation split 5-% Liberal and %50 not Liberal, John McCain was the worng choice.

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