The Ryan Frederick Defense Fund

This is great news!

Freinds and Family have set up a MySpace page where you can donate to the Ryan Frederick Defense Fund. Let’s do everything we can to help this young man. He has the guns of state aligned against him, and it’s going to be up to liberty lovers like us to keep the injustice of this case fresh in the minds of people living in Southeastern Virginia.

This is more important than any election, believe me. If Ryan gets railroaded into prison, none of us have a right to defend our homes from invaders, and none of us have any rights that can’t be breeched, just as they breeched his door.


5 Responses to The Ryan Frederick Defense Fund

  1. Brian says:

    Are you certain that Mr. Frederick has the facts on his side? I’ve followed the case a bit and it seems to me that he probably does, but I am not sure.

  2. Please, Brian, I invite you to read up and judge for yourself. Start with my series of blog posts on the topic. Click on any one of those stories, and you’ll find a list of links to news articles and related documents. Read the two search warrants, and the Return Inventories. See what answers you find to the list of questions asked by Radley Balko and by me.

    Please, Brian, I absolutely encourage you to seek the facts. They’re on his side.

  3. FRANTZ says:

    I just have to say that it really disgusts me the way the LAW has been corrupted here. I can’t believe what a horrible influence Joe Frank the his kind have been on this area. It’s just sad the way they can take the law in to their own hands and strip us of all of our rights. I think I’ll move to a Buddist temple or something.

  4. John Tadlock says:

    This is pretty sad that you are indicating that the police Dept is stonewalling, etc and making this individual some type of cult hero. What don’t you understand about the right to a fair trial. Let the police present their evidence in open court before you condemn. This is from a member of the medical profession the most secret of the professions where you have to kill more t han 5 people to lose your license and then it is not made public about the reasons. Give me a break.

  5. Chuck says:

    Since when do unanswered questions = facts? All you have is speculation. You don’t know the answers to your questions, the police are not providing them, so you assume the answers must be damaging for the police. Assumptions and speculation also do not a fact make! If a jury convicts Mr. Frederick will you consider them in on this vast CPD conspiracy as well? If the cops are so bad and corrupt, why would they include the .223 cartridge on their search warrant return inventory. Couldn’t one of those crooked cops just pocket it? Who would know? They didn’t, they recorded it and made it part of the record, but I guess that doesn’t matter to you or you refuse to see the integrity and professionalism in that move. Crooked cops have no integrity and are not professional are they? How’s this for restraint: your partner is just shot and killed, why not riddle the place with bullets to get the bad guy? That didn’t happend did it? The CPD affected a professional arrest of a suspect that just killed one of their own. No mention of that by you though, only conspiracies and theories negative of the police. We all have the right to defend ourselves. We are also responsible for our bullets once they leave our guns. Frederick says he didn’t know he shot at a cop. He didn’t know who or what he was shooting at, he just shot. That is okay with you? You automatically believe him, why? He appears small and weak, you want to believe him, to defend him, but why? You don’t KNOW the facts. They will come out at trial, but the only outcome you will be happy with is acquital, anything else, no matter how compelling, will only be more conspiracy theory fodder for you, won’t it? No offense, but this is not cut and dry like you try to make it.

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