The blewsdawg Joins the Cast Here at Tidewater Liberty

An Introduction by way of blog post:

My name is Rick Caldwell, although it’s likely you know me better as the blewsdawg, if you’ve been to my blog, InFrequently Asked Questions. After all, you wouldn’t have any reason to know me otherwise. I’m not a political officeholder. Nor have I ever run for office. Even if you’re a member of the Tidewater Libertarian Party, it’s unlikely you’ll know me, because I work Saturdays and can’t attend the meetings.

But I do blog.

My politics are more radical than Don’s. Although I’d have to consider myself a minarchist, I’m a small step away from being an anarcho-capitalist. I prefer the term Sovereign individualist. Where religion is concerned, I’m an atheist. I prefer to live my life according to reason alone, and I don’t believe I need a deity in order to have a moral code.

I take it as my role her to defend the position ‘why settle for less government when no government will do?’ And I’ll take positions you’ve likely never heard fully explicated before. For a quick and easy primer on the philosophy I call Sovereign Individualism, give a listen to the audio book The Market For Liberty, by Morris and Linda Tannehill, as read by Ian Bernard of and the radio show and podcast Free Talk Live. Or, naturally, you can keep up with my website, InFrequently Asked Questions.


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  1. The blewsdawg Expands His Empire

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