Mission Statement

This blog will serve a number of purposes. The most important is to advance the cause of Liberty, which has been badly battered of late. To this end, this blog will give a voice to Libertarians in the Tidewater region, for us to talk among ourselves, and at the same time, to introduce others to the principles which made this country great, but, sadly, have been largely forgotten.

The authors of this blog will be members of the Tidewater Libertarian Party, but once a topic is opened, all are welcome to comment.

I will be maintaining this blog, but it is intended as a community forum, not an expression of my ego. It is my intent that it grow far beyond my efforts.


One Response to Mission Statement

  1. johnwilburn says:

    I have come to realize, in my later years, as is stated in the “Who We Are” that I am indeed a Libertarian at heart – although I am certainly NOT a “recovered” Democrat or Republican, having never before aligned myself with ANY political faction.

    I have a tendency to speak my mind, without regard to personalities or “Political Correctness,” and hope this would be welcomed, not condemned…

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